Vereo Smart

Vereo Smart is the ultimate tool for manufacturers and integrators requiring a laser marking system for automated lines, assembly cells and more. A maintenance free MOPA fiber laser source up to 50 watts can solve a variety of marking applications. Vereo Smart, equipped with an onboard controller, features a network interface to access the laser system from any device, for marking program management and modification as well as process monitoring. PLC connectivity for data control is easy to setup using a simple wizard. With a compact footprint, Vereo Smart is a powerful marking tool for any process.

  • The system utilizes a complete standalone computer interface requiring no PC for operation, with marking programs being able to be created and loaded onto the machine
  • An embedded web interface allows you to set up, control, and monitor your laser system from almost any device on the same network as the laser
  • Features include a proprietary control system, control capabilities for connecting to PLCs for data transfer, and a compact and robust laser head

Power and Flexibility

Our MOPA fiber laser excels over traditional fiber laser technology. Adjustable pulse durations allow for expanded capabilities and the processing of a wide variety of materials. Vereo Smart marks a variety of metals: Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel Plated, Galvanized. Various plastics: ABS, PE, and others. Painted, Coated, Black Oxide and Anodized materials, Carbide, PCD and more.

Technical Specifications

System Dimensions Head 3.5”W x 16.25”L x 3.56”H / (mm) 88.9W x 412.8L x 90.5H
Rack 17”W x 17.49”L x 5.77”H / (mm) 431.8W x444.3L x 146.5H
System Weight Head 11lbs / 4.98kg
Rack 50lbs / 22.67
Standard Marking Lens and Field 160S 3.93” x 3.93” / 100mm x 100mm
Available Marking Lens 254S 5.5” x 5.5”, 140mm x 140mm
Upgrade and Marking Fields (350mm and 410mm available in Scorpeo variant, consult your sales engineer)
Working Distance 160S 177mm / 254S 280mm (from bottom of lens flange)
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wavelength 1062nm +/- 3nm
Wattage 20W / 50W
Frequency Range 1kHz – 500kHz
Pulse Duration Selectable, 260ns or 40ns
Operative Ambient Temperature Range 45° – 97° F / 7° – 36° C
Cooling Air Cooled
Fiber Cable Length 3M (from rack to head)
Input Power Power Sensing 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Aiming Beam (2) Class IIIa/3R Red Diode
PC Embedded Controller / PC Not Required for Operation
Data Communication TCP/IP / RS232 via USB Adapter
PLC Data Communication AB and Siemens ready
Available Ports Ethernet/USB (2)/Diagnostic/Discrete IO/External Axes/Hardware Interlock

Compact and Rugged


Ultra-compact scan head for small space integration with a 19” rack mount controller.


Vereo Smart operates in standalone mode without the need of an inline or connected PC.


Simple focus finder solution enables a quick and easy setup.


A 3 year comprehensive warranty, front to back, top to bottom.


A machined anodized aluminum head protects key components from harsh industrial factories where oil, dust and debris are present. Cables are protected using a heavy-duty cable cover. Electronics are isolated from the outside environment.


Vereo Smart is air cooled and can operate in high ambient temperature environments and requires no routine replacement parts, water chillers, or calibrations required.

Revolutionary Control

Control, program, and monitor Vereo Smart from any device, without the burden of installing additional software. Traditional Method: Engineers and programmers must connect the full marking program editing package to the laser using a Windows based laptop or desktop PC to add, delete or modify programs. Any computers that need to connect to the laser must use the same full marking program editing package. Process monitoring is typically not available. Vereo Smart: Add, modify or delete programs from anywhere on the same network using a variety of devices and operating systems. Gather status and process information on demand. The full marking program editing software can be installed on a PC of your choice and is only required for new program creation or advanced editing.

  • Control using a pc, smart phone or tablet
  • Secure connection with user authentication
  • Upload new programs, manage existing programs, view layouts and change marking data
  • Monitor laser status and system health
  • View process statistics
  • Access log files for complete history tracking
  • Change settings, configurations and more

Automation Ready

Vereo Smart is equipped out of the box for quick and easy integration with PLCs, databases, and other devices. Save time and money with our simplified solutions.

Using a simple wizard, accessed from any device, setup seamless connectivity to common brand PLCs, such as AB or Siemens for program and marking data selection.

  • TCP/IP interface for complete laser and marking program control via networked software systems, databases, and devices
  • Serial interface available for integration with existing production lines
  • HMI interfacing enables engineers to setup laser control screens on their existing production line HMI

Create Programs With Minilase Pro SE

  • Marking parameter library for quick setup
  • Password protected user levels
  • CAD tools
  • Various hatch functions
  • Color coded laser parameters
  • External axis c ontrol: X, Y, Z and rotary for 360° marking
  • Graphic tiling
  • Bounding box and outline
  • Red laser tracing
  • Basic and advanced shapes
  • Vector graphic library
  • Truetype fonts
  • Barcodes: CODE39/93, 128, EAN,
  • UPC, 25, ITF25, PDF417, GS1-128
  • 2D codes: Datamatrix, GS1 (UDI/UID),QR code, Micro QR code, AZTEC code
  • Vector graphics: PLT (HPGL), DXF, AI, SVG
  • Image files: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF

Touch Control

From the touchscreen:

  • Select programs, view program image previews, change data and more
  • Change laser marking parameters for setup and marking optimization including power, speed, and frequency
  • View I/0 screen for monitoring process, diagnostics and initial discreet I/O setup
  • Monitor laser status and system health
  • Change settings and system configurations


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