A generator, transducer, and tank make up an ultrasonic cleaning system, and Crest's systems are designed to provide the most effective precision cleaning results. Bright annealed stainless ultrasonic tanks and immersibles are available in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes.

Features and Benefits

Outstanding and consistent performance, process control and the ability to monitor output for consistent cleaning time after time.

TRU-SWEEP™ sweep frequency eliminates inconsistent cleaning by sweeping a +/- 1kHz around the center frequency at a set repetitive rate.

Standard two power options to vary cleaning from gentle for delicate parts to periodic short blasts of power for hard to clean parts.

3 controls including Amplitude control to vary ultrasonic power, Duty Cycle Control to control the amount of ultrasonic energy delivered and Frequency control to adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic energy reducing audible noise from subharmonics.

Available in 25, 40, 58, 68, 132, and 192 kHz frequencies and in either 250 or 500 watt models.


Power Output (watts)
Model Full Wave Half Wave Full & Half
Max. Power Input
120V/50-60 Hz
L x W x H
# of Plug-in
XG-250-3 250 125 500 3A/360W 5.25"x14"x12" 1
XG-500-6 500 250 1000 5A/600W 5.25"x14"x12" 1
XG-750-9 750 375 1500 8A/960W 10.5"x14"x12" 2
XG-1000-12 1000 500 2000 10A/1200W 10.5"x14"x12" 2
XG-1500-18 1500 750 3000 15A/1800W 15.75"x14"x12" 3
XG-2000-24 2000 1000 4000 20A/2400W 21"x14"x12" 4

NOTE : Not all freqencies are displayed in the above table

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