Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser, which is the best cutting method in the thicknesses where laser cutting is used the most, is reshaped with MVD Makina, the most experienced manufacturer in the sector in the production of sheet metal processing machines.

IPG Multi Mode Fiber Laser, YLS

  • Excellent beam quality for cutting
  • Optimal focus diameter for perfect cut
  • Maintenance-free technology, 100,000 hours diode life
  • As a result of carrying the laser beam by fiber cable, zero optic consumption cost, continuous high performance, minimal exposure to working conditions
  • Unbeatable with the lowest operating cost
  • Cutting high difficulty materials with laser process such as copper, brass, titanium
  • The technology that provides the most efficient cutting with the lowest electricity consumption in the world, 5-6 times less electricity consumption compared to the traditional method

Precitec Cutting Head

  • The most widely used and most reliable German Precitec Cutting Head in the world, Precitec HP-SSL Laser Cutting Head
  • The lens does not get dirty during cutting with the protective lens glass. Low consumable consumption
  • Easy lens replacement with cartridge lens system, ability to continue cutting without setup time with preset lens cartridge
  • Time saving with different lens cartridge for different thickness material
  • High performance precise height control, electronically tracking the material, perfect cutting with constant cutting height
  • Safe working with collision control
  • Cutting and safe working at the same performance with the original Precitec nozzle and ceramic parts

IPG Cooler

  • Original IPG Laser heatsink
  • Quick adaptation with digital microprocessor temperature control
  • High efficiency reliable IPG cooling unit for IPG Laser Source, laser cutting head and lenscartridge

Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Protection Glasses

  • While the part is being processed, the part can be loaded and aligned on the other table, or while the part is being processed, the cut parts are collected and stacked on the other table, so time is used in the most efficient way.
  • Rigid, strong, robust and fast automatic loading and unloading
  • Special German made safety protection glasses that do not pass 1070nm fiber laser wavelength for operator safety

Automatic Nesting, Nesting

  • Manual and automatic nesting with great flexibility and maximum performance
  • Copy, move, rotate, align, etc. Perfect combination of automatic and semi-automatic nesting functions combined with powerful manual nesting functions such as
  • Automatic nesting function places parts on the sheet as best as possible
  • It can also be placed on discards. Border can be defined for rejects as well as for slabs.

  • Rigid body designed with high precision criteria
  • Mechanical structure produced for harsh working conditions
  • Reliable, robust fiber laser technology manufactured with the best components in the world
  • IPG Laser Source
  • IPG Laser cooling unit
  • Fast and robust loading and unloading unit
  • Precitec cutting head
  • Advanced touch screen CNC controller
  • Easy, understandable and user friendly control interface

Machine Models

Machine Model Laser Power Maximum Sheet Sizes Maximum Cutting Thickness Maximum Loading Capacity
Steel Stainless steel Aluminum
F2-1530 2 kW 1530mm x 3030mm 15mm 6mm 5mm 1000 kg
F3-1530 3 kW 1530mm x 3030mm 18mm 9mm 8mm 1000 kg
F4-1530 4 kW 1530mm x 3030mm 20mm 12mm 10mm 1000 kg
F2-2040 2 kW 2030mm x 4030mm 15mm 6mm 5mm 1750 kg
F3-2040 3 kW 2030mm x 4030mm 18mm 9mm 8mm 1750 kg
F4-2040 4 kW 2030mm x 4030mm 20mm 12mm 10mm 1750 kg
F2-2060 2 kW 2030mm x 6030mm 15mm 6mm 5mm 2750 kg
F3-2060 3 kW 2030mm x 6030mm 18mm 9mm 8mm 2750 kg
F4-2060 4 kW 2030mm x 6030mm 20mm 12mm 10mm 2750 kg

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